Practical Life
At the beginning, especially with the little ones, practical life forms the core of the child¡¯s play. This area aids the child development in:

  • Care of the person
  • Care of the environment
  • Control of movement
  • Social Relations
This area is the foundation for the later academic learning because it provides:
  • A sense of order; that there is a beginning, middle, and an end to a task.
  • Sense of independence, ¡°I can do it by myself.¡±
  • A sense of coordination; the child brings his muscles under his own control.
  • Most important of all, an ability to concentrate, for learning can only occur when concentration is present.

Tasks are broken down into simple steps that the child learns to button, tie, zip, buckle, pour, wash tables and chairs, polish silver, brass, wash and iron clothes, sweep the floor, prepare and serve food for himself and for others, grace and courtesy.
Care of Person
Personal Care & Habits Dressing Grooming Social Development Control of Movement
- Tissue use
- Sitting on chair
- Open/close door
- Putting on coat
- Putting on shoes
-Wearing apron
- Button
- Snap
- Buckle
- Zipper
- Bow tying
- Lacing
- Water source
- Hand washing
--scrub brush
--hand cream
- Cloth washing
- Polishing shoes
- Sewing
- Respect for self and others
- Class rules and responsibilities
- Social graces
- Giving and receiving help
- Walking in line
- Silence
Care of Environment
Carrying Cleaning Polishing Plant Care Food Preparation
- Tray
- Box
- Chair
- Table
- Scissors
- Folding
- Table setting
- Crumbing
- Dusting
- Sweeping
- Mirror
- Eyeglasses
- Other
- Flower arranging
- Water plants
- Trim dead leaves
- Bread cutting
- Banana cutting
- Strawberry hulling and slicing
- Egg slicing
- Vegetable/fruit cutting/slicing
- Following recipes
- Cooking
Fine Motor
Pouring Squeezing Twisting
Dry 1-1 w/o handles
Dry 1-1 w/handles
Wet 1-1
Add funnel
Add strainer
Using tongs, tweezers, eyedroppers
Squeezing sponge
Making suds bubbles
Using a spoon
Lids and containers
Suds whipping
Gross Motor
  • Awareness of body in space
  • Use of playground equipment
  • Walk on a line - carrying object in hand or head
  • Know directions and walk forward, backwards, sideways
  • Able to run, jump, hop, skip


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